Corporate Governance - Committee Composition

Our Board of Directors currently has seven members – five of whom are “independent” as such term is defined by the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the listing requirements of the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Our Board of Directors has established four committees: an Audit Committee, a Compensation and Stock Option Committee, a Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee, and a Strategic Transactions Committee. Below is a summary of our current board committee structure and membership information. To read more about a particular committee, click on the committee name at the top of the table. To learn more about individual board members, click on their names or visit the Board of Directors area of this site.

Chairperson Chairperson Committee Member Member Financial Expert Financial Expert
 Audit CommitteeCompensation & Stock Option CommitteeCorporate Governance & Nominating CommitteeStrategic Transactions Committee
Eric H. Bjerkholt Financial Expert
Eric H. Bjerkholt
Senior Vice President and CFO, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Eric Bjerkholt was elected to the Board of Directors of StemCells, Inc. in March 2004. He is Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a small molecule biopharmaceutical company in South San Francisco, California. Before joining Sunesis, Mr. Bjerkholt served as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of IntraBiotics Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Previously, Mr. Bjerkholt co-founded LifeSpring Nutrition, Inc., a privately held ... 

Chairperson Committee Member   Committee Member
Ricardo  B. Levy, PhD 
Ricardo  B. Levy, PhD
Retired Founder, Chairman & CEO, Catalytica, Inc.

Ricardo Levy was elected to the Board of Directors of StemCells, Inc. in September 2001. He most recently served as Lead Director of Renegy Holdings, the successor of Catalytica Energy Systems, Inc., an environmental emissions solutions provider. Prior to his role with Renegy Holdings, Dr. Levy served as Chairman of the Board of Catalytica Energy Systems from 1995, when the company was formed as a subsidiary of Catalytica, Inc., until October 2007 when the company merged to form Renegy.... 

Committee Member   Chairperson Committee Member
John J. Schwartz, PhD 
John J. Schwartz, PhD
Chairman of the Board
President, Quantum Strategies Management

John Schwartz was elected to the Board of Directors of StemCells, Inc. in December 1998 and was elected the Chairman of the Board at the same time. He is the former President and Chief Executive Officer of SyStemix, Inc. Dr. Schwartz is currently the President of Quantum Strategies Management Company, a registered investment advisor located in Palo Alto, California. Prior to his positions at SyStemix, he served as Assistant Professor, Vice President and General Counsel at S... 

Committee Member Chairperson Committee Member